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Our Edmonton Towing Services are quick and affordable - It's our passion to perform your towing Edmonton!

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towing in EdmontonIf your car isn’t drivable then it probably needs a flatbed tow truck to safely transport it. Transformers Towing Ltd. has a wide range of flatbeds that are roll on – roll off and, we have specialized trailers designed for towing service in Edmonton. (780) 405-9501.

We deal with car accidents every day.  Our Edmonton Towing service will recover your vehicle and report the accident to the Police or OPP. Call (780) 405-9501.

towing in EdmontonIf you’ve been involved in a collision or car accident the last thing you want to worry about is paying a towing invoice. Transformers Towing Ltd. Our tow truck service offers direct Insurance billing and has great relationships with insurance companies who have negotiated rates. Call for more info. (780) 405-9501.

Run out of gas? We admire your sense of adventure and now you know exactly how far you can drive with the fuel light on! Don’t try to start your vehicle while empty. The fuel pump uses gasoline as a lubricant so while empty you run the risk of damaging your fuel pump motor. Our tow truck service offers fuel delivery to you in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Call us now! (780) 405-9501.

Recycling your scrap car is a free service and in some cases can even net you a sweet paycheck too (Depending on the make, model, year and condition of the vehicle). We can let you know more if you call us. Our Edmonton tow truck service will help you recycle your scrap car or scrap metal today. Call Now! (780) 405-9501.

Don’t let that scrap car sit in your garage, yard, or driveway any longer and take up space. You’re not stuck with a junk car forever. What you might consider a heap of metal is another person’s recycling dream and Transformers Towing Ltd. will help you recycle it. Call us for a tow truck in Edmonton today. Call Now! (780) 405-9501.


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Transformers Towing Ltd. tow trucks are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Do you need roadside assistance, or require your vehicle towed?  If your in need of a tow truck in Edmonton or the surrounding areas call Transformers Towing Ltd. at 780-405-9501 Now!

Transformers Towing Ltd. is your dependable partner when it comes to towing services. With a commitment to prompt response and efficient solutions, we offer towing services that prioritize the safety and convenience of our customers. We understand that if you’re calling us you’re probably not having a great day.  We goal to make it a little better by offering you a quick and affordable towing service near me in Edmonton.

    Roadside Assistance And Towing Services in Edmonton


    Dealing with automobile emergencies can be a demanding and difficult experience. The ordeal of replacing a flat tire or boosting a dead battery can ruin your day easily. To handle such crises and emergencies, Transformers Towing Ltd. offers roadside assistance at affordable rates. From trucks and technicians to tools and skills, we possess the resources to meet all your Edmonton towing needs. Whether you’re the owner of a car or truck, all you have to do is give us a call, and our Edmonton towing team will reach your location within 30 minutes. With the availability of our 24-hour emergency service, we can ensure that you and your automobile are not stranded for long.

    For towing Edmonton vehicles of different sizes, we have flatbed trucks that aid in the safe and flexible moving of used, damaged, or even brand new cars. Transformers Towing Ltd. offers roadside assistance and tow truck services to Edmonton and surrounding areas such as Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, Saint Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove and Stony Plain. For help call (780) 405-9501.

    General FAQ Questions About Towing Services in Edmonton

    Transformers Towing provides top-notch towing services in Edmonton. Our team is highly trained and experienced to handle all types of vehicles, from cars to trucks. Chances are, you'll find the answer in our FAQs. Here are some of the more common questions we get asked:

    Transformers Towing Ltd. is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Accidents aren’t on a 9 to 5 schedule and neither are we. We are standing by to help you now. Call (780) 405-9501. 

    Of course.  Our Edmonton Tow Truck drivers keep up to date with training to refresh their knowledge base and to learn new techniques and technology.  Our tow truck drivers receive advanced training programs.  Upon completion of the studies, the drivers are tested and certified upon passing. Are you in need of a tow truck in Edmonton? Call (780) 405-9501. 

    Our Edmonton tow trucks can accommodate your needs generally with the use of specialized equipment.  We have lots of different tow trucks to tow the right job.  Call us for more info (780) 405-9501. 

    Yes but, the most common type of Edmonton tow truck we use is a flatbed.  There are also wheel-lift and frame-lift tows.  In addition, there are specialized methods for motorcycles, classic cars, and larger vehicles. For more info call (780) 405-9501. 

    Yes, using one of our Edmonton tow truck, It is possible if your vehicle is only towed a short distance and at a lower speed.  It is best to have each situation analyzed, then we can let you know for sure. Call Transformers Towing Ltd. for more info today! (780) 405-9501. 

    No, damage is really rare. The suspension of your vehicle and/or our tow truck usually absorbs the bumps along the way, as long as it is lifted by its own tires. We are professionals and although we understand your concern your car is in good hands. Call us now so we can help you.  (780) 405-9501. 

    Our Edmonton towing service accepts payment by debit and all major credit cards. Call for more info. (780) 405-9501. 

    Let our Edmonton tow truck service relieve some of your worry; we offer direct Insurance billing and bill your towing invoice directly to your insurance provider. For more info call (780) 405-9501.